President Museveni has asked the judiciary to include corruption on the list of unbailable cases

“We should easily defeat the corruption. The only support we need from the judiciary is no bail for those accused of murder, treason, terrorism, rape, defilement, corruption (embezzlement), and village thefts if the prosecution is ready for trial,” said Museveni while addressing the ongoing retreat cabinet at the National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi.


“Let the case be tried or use alternative justice but no bail and no impunity for the above cases...with a correct, revolutionary, and objective approach, we should easily defeat corruption,” said Museveni.   

In his opening statement to the ministers, Museveni said, “It is now clear that corruption is a big problem in Uganda. IGG estimates that the country loses Shs 9.7 trillion per year because of corruption. This is not acceptable.”

“Apart from the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, I am also setting up both a tax investigation unit and an accountancy and audit unit. They will be able to investigate all tax evasions, under-declarations, money diverted by parliament and stolen, etc,” he explained. 

Museveni recently accused parliament of sabotage after he discovered that MPs had in the last four financial years, irregularly reallocated a over Shs 3.7 trillion. Museveni said in creating parallel structures, he seeks to link directly with the victims of the corruption of the government people and these are the people (the Wanainchi)

“They have all the information. Besides, we have the young people, the Kampala Parents and allied products, who have a different attitude from the present accounting officers who are originally villagers with a careerist and mercenary mentality. The Kampala Parents group are moved more by “passion” than by “remuneration,” Museveni noted.