The NRM election disputes tribunal has referred the daughter of foreign affairs minister Kutesa Musherure who has been contesting her defeat by President Museveni’s young brother Sodo Kaguta in the Mawogola north primaries to the Central executive committee for further directions.

Musherure petitioned the tribunal alleging that there was voter importation, use of violence and intimidation of her supporters by Sodo.

In its ruling, the tribunal chairman Enoch Barata says while the margin between the two candidates is 1,580 votes, several incidents stand out to show a substantial effect on the election.

He points out ferrying of voters to Kyemambi and Ekizano polling stations assault of Kyenshama LC1 chairman and illegal voting at kikoma after 5pm.

Barata says the tribunal cannot call for a re-election in the above villages affected villages with the time left to the general polls.

He adds that since they cannot pronounce the winner of the election given the irregularities numbered, the two parties have been sent to the highest party organ, CEC.